Our Customer Focused Services


Leveraging our expertise in Sales, Marketing and Operations gives you more time to deliver on your customer promise.

Lack of time reduces the ability to capitalise on business opportunities. Missed opportunities are frustrating. We have solutions that focus on the activities that generate the best returns. Retain and Gain specialises in customer acquisition and retention. Our view is that retention is the critical value driver that ensures higher future profits and maximises your ROI on new and existing customers. Our 7 step process ensures you are customer focused and able to create profitable customer relationships. Plus, our CRM and Marketing Automation solutions allow you to enjoy cost effective high touch, low cost engagement strategies, to drive your retention benefits. We minimise your risk and save you the time and pain that trial and error brings when doing things for the first time – and support your business vision of customer retention and revenue growth, way into the future.

Core Services

Other Services

Acquisition Seminars

Acquisition Seminars are the most efficient and cost effective method for client acquisition, lead generation and customer retention. Significantly seminars provide the capability to focus on market segments, present sales content professionally to educate the market, launch new products and attract prospects from competitors while promoting your brand. Seminars are also a great barometer of the market, they are credible, proven and the Retain and Gain CAP process can provide major commercial benefits through improved customer relationships, respect and brand exposure.

Sales Strategy

Our team has worked within Strategic Sales roles for more than 50 years, across industries of all sizes from start-ups, small business, Not-For-Profit to large corporates, Implementing and executing sales strategy. This experience can be applied to your business to develop go-to-market strategies, sales-force resourcing and restructuring, market segmentation, technology and system implementation, process and performance management and of course customer acquisition and retention. Come and talk to us and let us help you sell.

Customer Analytics

Being able to identify key customer attributes is critical for defining strategies that allow your business to engage with your new and existing customers. We specialize in providing strategies according to customer behavior. This allows you to tailor your approach with differentiated communications and service offerings according to effective customer segments. So if you have trouble defining your new, existing, or lapsed customers and we’ll work with you on the analytics and the retention strategies.

Content Marketing

According to MarketingSherpa’s Marketing Benchmark Guide it’s more important to have content that focuses on each stage of the buying cycle. Less than 4 out of 10 (38%) B2B marketers say they tailor. Therefore 62% of competitors’ gain a competitive advantage with high-value, relevant content. At Retain and Gain we can produce marketing and advertising content for products and services that appeal to its audience’s needs and desires. Traditionally, the only two things people ever buy are good feelings and solutions to problems.

Marketing Automation

We have an integrated approach to Marketing Automation that relies on providing tactical communications to customers in a regular and tailored way to engage, nurture, learn and carefully qualify your leads and convert them to loyal customers. Our approach also provides multiple options for your potential customers to engage with you when they are ready. This integrated approach provides a much deeper understanding of your customer’s preferences and results in much higher conversion rates for your sales team. Providing a win-win-win for customers-sales and your business.

Customer Engagement Programs

An essential foundation to Customer Engagement is obtaining, analyzing and acting on customer feedback. We have a model for customer feedback that engages customers in the purchase process and motivates them to provide feedback in an unpressured, easy and candidate way. This allows the business owner to adapt and make business improvements based on customer issues that are measured and ranked in order of customer value rather than hit and miss. If you want to engage your customer and drive your business improvements based on customer feedback we can help.