Our Process Overview


Our Process Overview provides insight into the seven steps we take with you to provide research, strategy and planning that will ensure customer engagement, customer retention and as a result sustainable business growth

Identification of Customer Needs or Drivers

Our process helps to determine your market potential and helps define your key customer profiles. These elements will be the basis of your customer engagement plan, which will underpin the success of your business.

Identification of Business Imperatives or Goals

Your ambition is likely the driving force for your business. Not your immediate financial goal. Through clearly defining your business ambition, we can effectively map a path that will help you to achieve it.

Identifying both the Customer Drivers and the Business Imperatives is the first step.


Discovering the full potential Customer Base ensures no lucrative segments are overlooked.

We work with you to help identify the different customer segments that your business could approach. This helps to provide the full potential of your future customer base.

Factors such as market geography and your location can inhibit your business potential. Modern marketing techniques, tools and technology can enable your business to access and profit from a larger and higher potential customer base.

We provide a clear picture of the full potential customer base for your business.


Customer Group Evaluation ensures the correct focus is applied to get the best results.

Businesses rarely serve all groups of customers effectively. It is vital to use good judgment when considering which prospect and customer groups to target.

This requires evaluating the potential costs of – and the likely gains from – targeting different prospect / customer groups.

We analyse and evaluate your potential customers and determine who to prioritise.


We need to ensure that your business is capable of acquiring and retaining the identified customer groups. This step audits that capability.

A realistic assessment of the gaps in your business – and the solutions to bridge these gaps – provides the information required to consistently meet / exceed the needs of your desired customers. This builds a sustainable and profitable business. It requires being able to consistently deliver on your customer promise.

Capability To Serve

We examine your ability to meet customer expectations and identify the gaps that need to be bridged.


We research and determine the key factors that drive engagement with your brand/s and offerings.

The more you know (versus think you know) about your customers and their profiles, the more able you will be to convert your customers’ needs into sales and build enduring, profitable relationships.

This research helps collect the right information about your customers to allow you to increase their engagement with your brand/s and offerings.

Customer Profiling

We determine the customer profiles that can create enduring relationships through customer intimacy.


We provide strategic direction and tactics to reach and capture the target customer groups.

This is a high level outline of your identified target customer groups, as well as how – and over what timeframe – you can target them, using tools that we develop with you.

This road map consists of key objectives and a description of the initiatives and resources that you will need to engage, acquire and retain the target customer groups.

Customer Engagement Strategy

We provide the directions to acquire and retain your identified high potential customers.


To enable you to prioritise your decision making we provide costs and forecasts.

Our Customer Engagement Strategy will have identified the objectives and time frames, as well as the initiatives and resources required to achieve them.

The Customer Business Case is a financial document. It costs and forecasts revenues against the Customer Engagement Strategy – it details the costs and benefits for the engagement, acquisition and retention of each of the target customer groups. This enable your decision-making on which initiatives to prioritise, to build the business and operational plans in line with your business objectives.

Customer Business Case

We prioritise your customer engagement strategy to ensure your business case generates revenue gains.