Our Experience

We have over 60 years combined experience.
Making sure the customer is the focus of strategy and implementation.

The Retain and Gain team have developed a significant customer focused experience through a range of roles and projects in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Operations. Our team have worked for large and small organisations, including: major corporate companies, online only, start ups and “Not For Profit” organisations throughout their careers. Our experience and belief that business success is built on a customer centric approach is now available to you.

Some of the highlights of this experience include:

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Customer Acquisition Programs

We developed and implemented Customer Acquisition Programs (CAP) for Small to Medium Business and created $ million plus revenue streams across multiple businesses across Australia. Most notably a $45M revenue stream across News Limited's national community newspaper organization. The key successes of these programs were:

  • Delivering New Business to our clients
  • Delivering real value to SMBs
  • Offering them valuable advice which provided a means through which they could grow their businesses 

Sales Force Effectiveness

As part of a “Process Improvement” strategy for the sales operation of a major community newspaper group we developed  a Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) program to provide a more effective sales methodology across all levels of the sales team from field and internal sales to regional managers. The Program included a over-haul of the existing  internal processes, systems and performance management procedures and tools.

The SFE program achieved marketing leading growth and improved market share by providing customers with a consistent approach that ensured our customer promise was consistently delivered. As a result the program was deployed across another businesses delivering similar results.

CRM Implementation

We have identified, specified and then implemented CRM systems for Field Sales teams of varying sizes from ~ 30 to more than 200. This has included:

  • The development a financial business case.
  • The research and development of system and process requirements.
  • The project management of database and custom build requirements including functional testing.
  • A stakeholder engagement and change management process prior to implementation, rollout and review.

The key benefits of we obtain from CRM projects include:

  • More effective and efficient customer engagement.
  • A technology engagement that boosts productivity
  • An improvement in HR outcomes including greater flexibility and adoption of change.
  • Improved business focus on the customer.

Technology Evaluation and Deployment

To improve sales effectiveness we reviewed both hardware and software systems to utilise technology to encourage engagement and streamline processes as part of a major business improvement initiative for a national Field Sales business. The review resulted in an initial project and pilot of handheld and tablet PC’s which identified, analysed and reviewed the business system requirements in preparation for purchase. The project outcomes included:

  • An expansion of pilot to roll-out of Tablet PCs and handheld devices.
  • A "readiness" review of the existing production systems highlighting process changes that would support the "new-ways" of carrying out sales.

Customer Segmentation Design and Implementation

We have researched and developed customer life cycle models and indicators for News Limited’s direct national customer base to enable the delivery of national customer retention strategies. The research targeted “At risk” and “High value” customers across 3 significant industry categories nationally valued in excess of $168M. The customer segmentation models provided a cross-channel or “whole of customer” view of customers that were likely to lapse - or in the process of lapsing as they fell through the cracks of the pre-existing fragmented multi-channel, multi-product sales approach. The customer retention strategies provided:

  • Tactics for the reclamation of both strategic customers and “quick wins”
  • A direct infusion of success into the sales teams
  • A reinforced attitude the importance of customer retention.

Customer Service Monitoring

We have carried out qualitative customer  research  to define and create Customer Value Models. These models allowed businesses to identify and rate the key value drivers of their business services and relationships and their real importance to customers.

This was followed up with quantitative research that created a clear view of what the business could do to positively impact upon their value to customers.

The insights enabled plans that were developed and executed which delivered valuable revenue growth.

Business Process Redesign

We have delivered Business Process Re-design to enable strategic sales programs and bench-mark sales performance across multiple sales teams varying in size, skill and geography. Most notably this was completed for News Limited’s Community Newspapers sales teams consisting of over 150 Field Sales Representatives, Sales Managers and Regional Managers. The re-design established

  • Tactical and strategic sales processes and performance metrics
  • Sales force activity planning
  • Customer relationship planning
  • Strategic Sales performance dashboards

The Business Processes Re-design provided transparency on their strategic sales activities against short and long-term targets becoming critical for the sales teams to determine their performance against targets. And for the management team to get a clearer view on forecasts and budget positions.