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Customer Retention through 1 to 1 Marketing

Customer acquisition, retention and engagement in the digital age

”The time for 1:1 Marketing is now and business success is riding on it”  Jim Miller is right on the money with this recent statement from Direct Marketing Magazine . Miller, co-Founder and VP of Marketo, says there has never been a better time to capitalise on marketing automation technology that is enabling consistent one-to-one, targeted messaging to customers. Businesses with the will and understanding to capitalise...

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Customer Retention Tips - Create Loyal Fans

Tips on how to Retain Customers → Create Loyal Fans

Retain Customers and Create Loyal Fans For Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) to be successful and prosper in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace they must: Late last year BRW provided a list of the major economic challenges for 2014. One of these is “continued consumer conservatism” which is basically a trend for Australian consumers to spend less and save more. When consumers do decide…

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A Business Acquisition Specialist

Customer centricity, rich thoughts poorly executed

I would have loved to have the word “Centricity” in our business name as is at the centre of our thinking regarding customer focus, customer retention and customer retention strategy. As a word, “Centricity” is strong, meaningful and capable of strong positioning but it comes with baggage or hyperbole as big business and IT suppliers over-talk it and the majority of medium to small businesses...

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