About Us

Who We Are

Retain and Gain is the home of 3 sales, marketing and operations professionals. We bring our combined knowledge, skills and experience together to help you make the right decisions about your customer strategies – and work with you to execute them.

We specialise in customer acquisition and retention. Our view is that retention is the critical value driver necessary to ensure higher future profits and maximise your Return On Investment. We believe a focus on retention activities “just makes sense” and should be a major consideration in the acquisition of new business and for the protection existing business.

Our Skills
New Business Development - 95%
Customer Management - 90%
Strategic Planning - 90%
Outsourcing - 80%
Process Development - 85%
About Us – Our Team

Tony Becker

A long-standing media professional schooled in journalism; Tony has operated across all aspects of marketing communications from copy writing to advertising agency management and successfully led News Limited’s national SMB Customer Acquisition Program for over 10 years. Tony’s passion is helping businesses to:

  • Understand how to better target and communicate with their prospects and customers
  • Make profitable sales and enjoy business growth

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew's focus is using customer insight to innovate and engineer sales operations to meet the market and deliver revenue targets at lower cost. Andrew is driven by an innate curiosity, his strength's are in:

  • Understanding emerging trends and
  • Realize and develop the opportunities they offer to business.

He is excited about the role technology is playing in revolutionising the way that we communicate and engage with others - and what this means for businesses.

Rod Strauch

For 20+ years Rod has worked in strategic and operations roles for various organisations from News Limited to online startups such as homesite.com.au. Rod is driven by a desire to improve business performance through:

  • Cross functional process improvement and
  • Customer focused operational management

Rod’s experience spans: Business and strategy development, sales operations and performance improvement.


In my media career, I am yet to work with a finer leader, strategic planner, mentor and coach. Andrew used his profound understanding and knowledge of publishing and media, to great effect, achieving outstanding results and growth…

Clayton Gibson
Director of Sales Performance at DMN Media - The Dallas Morning News

Testimonial Clayton Gibson